Solar del Rey Project - WIP 

Solar del Rey - Completed

Grid-tied.  Designed for ~net-zero annualized electricity I/O to the LA DWP.  Excess produced during sunlight hours from the 4.14 kW of panels is credited back to the home at night.  Month-to-month over/under slop is averaged out over a year. (The system is designed to reconcile to zero.)  DWP acts as the diurnal load leveler & multi-gigafarad ripple filter. With the exception of N-hour DWP power outages after dark there will be no need for batteries near term, although the basement layout will be provisioned for two days battery capacity if and when I want to add them for earthquake mode (later, when batteries get cheaper). Home IT systems are already on a UPS good for one hour.


Adding 1-2 EVs may require more panels to maintain breakeven, depending on driving/charging habits.  But at that point the V2G systems will have further matured and the overall equation will be somewhat different, affecting both the panel and the battery design requirements.  TBD.