A Thirty-year Technology Executive.  A Problem Solver.  A Teacher, Explainer, Educator, Listener, and Communicator.  An EE with decades of experience in developing and launching products for Computer, Professional Broadcast, DoD, Hollywood, and CE markets.  An R&D <-> Sales & Marketing Resource.
Where I have been: Eyes & Ears for Microsoft, Broadcom, and Dolby C-Level management.  Cross-company, interdepartmental resource.  Company Spokesperson and C-Level Advisor.  International spokesperson and technology lead on Microsoft’s digital television efforts.  Direct participation in corporate decision making on technology and business development issues for every major form of digital media and platform including: STBs, Internet VOD/EST, STB/TV streaming, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD/BD-Live, 3D, HDR, DTV, Geospatial Imaging, D-Cinema, Digital Film Printer, and Electron Beam Recorder.


Specialties: Consistently exceeding the expectations of my employers & mentors, long term relationships with friends and colleagues, digital media technology, product development, business development, standards, partnerships and alliances.  Connecting the dots.

Interest: Sr. Advisor/Consultant Role
$1000/month min. retainer.
1099 B-to-B
Solar del Rey design at Del Rey Consultancy
Pro Integrity Corporation