Del Rey Consultancy 

TO McCoye & TLM Archives Donation to Loyola Marymount University

These archives are available at a nominal copying cost, including the one terabyte hard drive.

I recently donated (to LMU) the physical media part of the T.O. McCoye Archives on Playa del Rey, Palisades del Rey, and Surfridge.  520 film negatives (various formats up to 4x5 in), flatwork & art, PDR, Palisades del Rey & Surfridge brochures, maps, books, photo prints, printing plates, newspapers of the day.

I also mastered a hard drive image (24,765 unique images) of the above collection using a professional flatbed print and negative scanner.  That will be going to USC’s digital photo collection.  Most all is now in TIFF format, some converted to JPEG, some in un flattened Photoshop PSD files, a sprinkling of PDF and PNGs.  Between Brad’s scanning work for his book, and the subsequent scanning (two+ years) that I did, I think we’ve captured it all.  During my work I often scanned the same item multiple times with different settings of the scanner (sometimes up to 1200 DPI, backlighting or no, color correction or no, de-screening or no for halftones, noise/dust/dirt removal or no for negs).  The (verbose) file names include as much of that metadata (and often the date) whenever possible.  (LMU has a copy that hard drive image.)

The Archive README says:

“Sampling ranges from 72 DPI to 4800 DPI, sometimes for the same image (scanned from exactly the same physical media).
Pixel depths range from 8-bit indexed color, to 16 bits black and white, to 24 bits color, to 48 bits color, sometimes for the same image (scanned from exactly the same physical media). They may have the exact same or similar file names. There are JPEG images, JP2 images, PDF images, TIF images, PNG images, PSD un-flattened files, and probably others.”

If you wish to have a copy of this digital archive, mail me a brand new One Terabyte USB 3.0 or 3.1 hard drive, NTFS

format.  I will fill it up and return.  Please include pre-paid return shipping label, package, or envelope.  (I don’t have time to be doing all of that stuff.)  I will also include on that drive about 10,000 files from my personal archive.